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poem-choose honey, hon March 9, 2017

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You think

if you swell your chest

and shout with a voice that covers others’

if you argue

every word from the teacher’s mouth

that somehow you can win.

Oh, but hon,

who really has the power?

Consequences grow with your defiance

and you’re the one who loses.

The class laughs,

but it’s at you, not with you.

Biliousness and lies do not lead to success.

Trust me,

honey catches the flies

of achievement and respect.



12 Responses to “poem-choose honey, hon”

  1. My Dad used to have a saying, “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.” Truth. Also the teacher/professor has the final say.

    • It’s hard to learn when you’re not in the room, and if you miss enough work, you repeat the year. When you’re doing an extra year of high school while your friends are working and starting their adult life, who is the loser? It’s a situation rife with ironies.

  2. Ah, I’m reminded of many instances! You live you learn, I suppose.

  3. magarisa Says:

    Thought provoking!

  4. This illustrates the illusion of the indigo child- somehow, intellect and insight are supposed to supersede wisdom.

  5. I love the way you use hon through this piece; I’ve never been a fan of studying or reading poetry in school, but yours I truly enjoy. Keep it going, don’t get discouraged.

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