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poem- walk for refuge February 8, 2017

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During the election

we heard some American folks joke

If he wins, we’re moving to Canada!

and we laughed.


four hundred and ten

have really done it.

Last week alone


walked for frozen miles

in minus twenty Celsius

to cross the border

to freedom in



They lost fingers and toes to frost bite,

but not their lives to the sound bites

of a xenophobe.




25 Responses to “poem- walk for refuge”

  1. chris jensen Says:

    Just what we need,
    those running from
    or something worse…

    Honestly Mrs. Bird!

  2. g hunter Says:

    Refuges will always move towards freedom and safety, not away from it. Their flight to Canada from the USA says a lot about how the leadership of my country has gone in the wrong direction. Please World, forgive us, and understand, it’s him, not us, you hear talking.

  3. g hunter Says:

    Don’t ever forget, Hitler got elected too.

    • I’ve been commenting on that fact for the last year wondering why no one else was making the connection. Some people get very annoyed when the comparisons are made, but it’s more apt all the time!

  4. Those of us who stay, and engage in responsible resistance, will welcome the others back, when it’s all over.

  5. jennannsd Says:

    Well written, g hunter. And I agree with you Shawn. I don’t even know what to say or do most days.

  6. Jim Stewart Says:

    There are ramifications coming that even those of us with imaginations cannot foresee. I am both appalled and resolved. It’s long past time to be accountable. Americans must raise their voices and I hope the rest of the free world stands in solidarity with those of us who resist this tyrant. Calling him a pig only insults swine. But there it is.

    • I hear a lot of solidarity through my European connections. They’re speaking out, but what actions are possible? It’s scarily fascinating. I never thought I’d live in times like this.

  7. Mozer G. Says:

    I think they are cowards. If they think your country is doomed [which it probably isn’t, proof is that the courts stopped him a week into office] why are you leaving everyone behind to save your ‘behind’? is a soldier a hero if he leaves his fellow combatants alone in vulnerable times?

    • You think Moslem refugees fleeing the US for Canada are cowards? Soldiers are paid combatants. People who fear for their safety and seek refuge are in a completely different scenario. They can’t be compared. However, I am glad to be in a country that welcomes refugees, and proud to watch the Syrian family my Rotary club sponsored settling so beautifully into our community. They will be a great asset to us all!

      • Mozer G. Says:

        Though I can’t judge those who’ve fled, I think it’s stupid. It’s a 90 day ban which does not include the vast majority of Muslims. I’m not a fan of it, but i’s sad to me to see people uproot their lives because things were blown out of proportion.. In fact, I think these people are victims of careless pundits who compared Trump to Hitler, which is terribly fear-mongering, deceiving and inaccurate.
        What’s my point? Just like Obama wasn’t an undercover Muslim al-Quida communist terrorist [like the extreme right tried to paint him], Trump is not an alt-right neo Nazi nationalist [like the extreme left wants to paint him]… everyone chill, there’s a legal process he’s not a monarch as you can see the courts are standing in his way…

  8. M. A Morris Says:

    Wonderful work. We need more like it, and we, who are like minded, need to share each other’s work so others will know and see that he and his cabinet are neither the heart nor the soul of the American people.

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