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poem-inaccurate January 31, 2017

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You hear a story

and cling to this narrative,

gripping each element as deep truth

fundamental reality

excuse for your frailty

But it’s fiction

and no matter how loudly you shout

your warped interpretation

insist that white is black,

it won’t transform into fact.

It will only dance to a rhythm of jack boots,

and the sounds of breaking glass.


11 Responses to “poem-inaccurate”

  1. Canada has been through this, somewhat. Glad you made it past the Harper years.

  2. An apt description of my country America current situation.

  3. erbiage Says:

    amazing how stories influence. sorties of fiction, can reach out, reach in, influence and instruct, or latch on and get stuck

  4. Simon Says:

    Its funny how many try and convince us of their inaccuracies! 😉

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