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poem- obliviously December 14, 2016

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Max and Jenn were in our grade eight classes

and our grade nine classes,

but then, they were not.

Where are they? asked the teachers.

Whispers replied to one another in the back rows,

I saw them outside The Royal Anne.

They’re turning tricks.  Doing drugs.

We blinked at one another that our peers

would make such choices,

muttered, How terrible.

We slowed down our lives to peer into the

accident scene of their lives

from a safe distance,

but did any of us go downtown,

and offer them a different option?




This is a forty-year old memory.  Where are they now, I wonder?


10 Responses to “poem- obliviously”

  1. onewithclay Says:

    You could easily turn this into a song to be performed by Oblivious Newton-John. — Bad pun aside, you present an important consideration, and a timely lesson: Don’t just watch . . .

    • Yes.
      Perhaps some of us, those who were actually friends with them did go speak to them, but I think they’d alienated folks by that point. Cut the bonds and then run free. There are consequences of ‘freedom.’

  2. Lorien Says:

    How easily it could’ve been us there instead of them…

  3. When I walked among the people of east Vancouver, in July, 2015, I saw both despair and hope. Heart connections always matter.

    • Yeah. It’s scary there.
      I always say Gordon Campbell has a lot to answer for when he closed the residential psychiatric facilities and didn’t provide better alternatives. The street population instantly ballooned, and hasn’t decreased since.

  4. Bibishan Says:

    The structure and functioning of our society….

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