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poem- song November 17, 2016

Filed under: Poetry — Shawn L. Bird @ 1:15 pm

Around and around you go

bursting out of the ether

leaping from between my lips.

I fight to contain you

You fight for your freedom

with musical slips.




I am soloing a number in our local production of Mary Poppins, so the tune has filled my brain and bursts out of me at unexpected moments.  I think it’s starting to alarm people, though I try to do it only in empty rooms and halls! :-/  Curtain rises* a week from today!  (Eeek!)

*(Well, it would if our curtain could actually do that).


4 Responses to “poem- song”

  1. Freedom happens, with or without music.

  2. sanamalim Says:

    I love the depth in your words Shawn!

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