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poem- crows October 3, 2016

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The yard is speckled

with black spots

as if a coal train tipped on a fast corner

and sprayed lumps.

Twenty or thirty have spread out and bob

in search of hidden meals

or trouble

as is the nature of crows.

They’re strangely silent this morning,

like blurry eyed truckers

who’ve driven all night

and just want some breakfast

before the day begins.



8 Responses to “poem- crows”

  1. Brian Dean Powers Says:

    Excellent images.

  2. MorbidMind Says:

    Crows are so cool to write about, I even wrote a poem about them.

    On this post, I like how you compare these beautiful birds with people.

  3. I’ve always noted that corvids around here don’t raise a ruckus until afternoon.

  4. EricWK Says:

    This is truly quite enjoyable to explore. Your versing and visual expression is so well done. I like this so much, I will follow! Have a good day! 🙂

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