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poem-almost August 21, 2016

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You leave silver trails behind you.

They glisten in the morning sun

like fairy roads on the concrete.

Such light from a creature that looks like dung.


14 Responses to “poem-almost”

  1. Silver dung would be a sign of something- not sure what, though.

  2. Jim Stewart Says:

    Ah, slugs and snails, oh my!

  3. Lorien Says:

    Ugh, slugs. One night not too long ago, I almost squished one in the dark…I felt it beneath my foot and quickly lifted it away so that I wouldn’t have slug guts all over me and my patio. They are such resilient creatures. It was gone the next morning…it had survived. And I love the funny ending to your poem. So magical…and then the word dung. 😀

  4. Conflict Breed Says:

    Good and worth from the least expected places?

  5. J.R.Bee Says:

    Ah, the majestic slug. How icky they are, as are snails- dung with shells on.

  6. Melody J Haislip Says:

    It’s all in your perspective. Where some see dung you see silver trails and fairy roads. I think I like your perspective better.

  7. Bibishan Says:

    Starting with silver trail glistening in morning sun and ending with the word “dung”, twist in the plot or “playing with words”? 🙂

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