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poem- heresy May 6, 2016

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“Everyone” says

Everyone believes

Every one does

But I



5 Responses to “poem- heresy”

  1. chris jensen Says:

    i have the same thoughts, god’s!

    Getting hot up in the Okanagan?


    • Definitely.
      We’re already worried about the inevitability of forest fires here, particularly in light of the 2003 Ok Mtn Fire flashbacks from watching Fort Mac on the news this week.

      • chris jensen Says:

        What has man do to mother Earth?

        The snow pack on the northshore mountains was not all that great this year..

        We can only hope an pray ifinn you like! That the lightening strikes an careless campers along with us never ending smokers play it safely through our very long an hot summer…

        hugs chris

  2. “They” watch in wonder, as you are yourself.

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