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quote-teach April 25, 2016

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“You can’t be an art teacher until you’re an artist.  Duh.”

~Annie Liebovitz


9 Responses to “quote-teach”

  1. quarksire Says:

    significant in all thingz …yes indeed…a prolific quote, werds of wisdom fer others to re-member :0 . made me smile an wanna comment, thanQ 🙂 …..

    • Thanks for stopping by.

      • quarksire Says:

        very welcome, always like ur stuff, but don’t wanna be one of those ur face followers lol.. funny sumtimez how 1 verse though can make ur day , thanks fer makin mine, cuz i applied that verse to everything an is way fun…thanks again…u knew this was a kewl universal 🙂 verse when ya read it also huh! bet so..keep on keepin on, when i get a few xtra i’ll stop by ur bewk store , yes indeed…

  2. Those who teach, MUST do.

  3. trE Says:

    Ha! Yes!

  4. cheryl622014 Says:

    That’s why one of my best classes ever was teaching bottom set Maths – I didn’t understand either!!!

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