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poem-dull April 25, 2016

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Your wits are dull

Your eyes are glazed

Your ambitions are low

You are dull

There is nowhere

for you to go.


19 Responses to “poem-dull”

  1. None Other Then Hannah Says:

    disheartening to read…

  2. Lorien Says:

    Ah…no words…it is hard when inspiration abandons the scene, when the light of presence has dimmed.

  3. Isabella Simons Says:

    Sad but almost funny… nice poem.. 🙂

  4. The must of one’s own filth may be the only motivator left.

  5. FullEmpty Says:

    Directly and honestly facing the ebb and flow of motivation, emotion and action is the best way to live, I feel. Thanks for not sugar-coating the issue 🙂 Love the poem.

  6. cheryl622014 Says:

    Yep, so I went from teaching to the Job Centre!!! Whooppee!!!

    • What do you do at the Job Centre?
      One of my jobs as a teacher is Career Coordinator, so I help students get apprenticeships, assess work experience, and arrange dual credit programs (where high school students take college/apprenticeship courses and get credits in both high school and college). As well as providing the standard information on post-secondary education.

      • cheryl622014 Says:

        It is kind of drummed into the pupils that they will all go to University. School careers departments were poor relations, not good and they died a death/were cut, then Connexions were cut (an out sourced careers advisory service) Going to the Job Centre is seen as a failure to many. Schools, until recently, wouldn’t liaise with us, I think partly because they played the card unless you work hard and get good grades you’ll end up on the dole. Since then so many youngsters that I have seen have asked why have the things we offer not been put in school in the first place? Teachers are so stretched no one could do the real world of work, they were in jobs and have never had to deal with the benefits system and what is actually on offer. It has taken 4 years of prompting to get the Job Centre anywhere acceptable to go in to schools…not that I am frustrated or on a soap box!!!! So yes we do all that you do and try to match people to jobs or further training, social services, listening, working on removing barriers to work, it is endless as we are virtually the only place people can get to see a person rather than a phone line or computer page for help…I’ll stop!

      • We have a very different system here in our schools.
        You might be interested in what’s on offer in my district, check out (The website isn’t great, but under Programs you can see what we offer our students).

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