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poem-baby April 2, 2016

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you’re far away.


you’ll come home with me.


it will be.


I just wanna say

if someday you’re here with me

You’ll be my only baby

and I’ll love you




(There might be a poodle puppy in my near future.  He needed a poem.  Maybe his poem should have been “One of these things is not like the others” because like me, he stands out in the group!  Guess which one?)  😉


7 Responses to “poem-baby”

  1. He will comfort you, and vice versa.

  2. Melody J Haislip Says:

    I always have black cats. Give him or her a kiss for me.

    • My one cat was black. But I was allergic to him, so he was the last. This would be my first black poodle. We’ve had blues (which are dark grey) but never a black. He’d be hard to see at night!

  3. N’aw…too cute. I hope he’s able to come home with you.

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