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poem-floor level February 20, 2016

Filed under: Poetry — Shawn L. Bird @ 7:21 pm

Floor level is less interesting

Fewer blankets and pillows are piled into corners

for you to collapse upon.

Crumbs aren’t cleaned up by a searching tongue.

No floor level greeter welcomes me home

No floor level sniffer seeks a snack of his own

Floors stay cleaner: no foot prints at the door,

no water puddles down the hall.

Sometimes I still see you from the corner of my eye

and once again, I say good-bye.



An unconventional art hanging spot, that feels just right.

2016-02-13 20.23.11

The print is by Zefi Famelis of  It’s called “Eyes of Love.”  I’ve had it for several years, but now it’s in the living room.  Here’s a closer look:

Eyes of Love by Zefi Famelis


6 Responses to “poem-floor level”

  1. Any way you have, by which to remember him, is a good way.

  2. Lorien Says:

    No words to describe the emptiness that a pet leaves behind when they leave us. I remember the clicking sound of my girl kitty’s claws as she lumbered about on the hardwood floors–she was a big girl–and how dead silent everything seemed when she was gone. Hugs to you, dear Shawn.

  3. amandagrey1 Says:

    This poem brings tears to my eyes…so sorry for your loss. Our fur friends definitely make the best Best friends.

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