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poem-7 February 19, 2016

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The ancient Greeks formalized education.

Men should seek the seven liberal arts.

They must know grammar,



Then move on to





and always consider the tenets of philosophy.

You must begin knowing how words connect,

how to persuade others,

how to think logically and analytically,

then explore




and stars.


6 Responses to “poem-7”

  1. Jim Stewart Says:

    And the primal support beneath it all? Reading. Everything starts from there.

  2. It all connects, and so vividly.

  3. Lesley Says:

    I think our modern education system could learn something from the Greeks.

    • It’s interesting to look at the philosophy behind it. It’s about training the mind to eschew the malleable in the pursuit of truth, but of course, truth can also be malleable, and who’s to say what’s true. (This may have been the complication they took several centuries to work out!)

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