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poem-lasting January 28, 2016

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Don’t be a rose,

be a carnation.

Roses have thorns and

are wilting within a day.

Carnations have character

and they stick around for weeks.

There’s no pomp about carnations

they’re happily frilly and fun.

Rose are high maintenance

and will make you bleed.


14 Responses to “poem-lasting”

  1. My beloved preferred carnations.

  2. Soul Gifts Says:

    Have to disagree with you on that ! Roses last in the right conditions and well cared for and you can avoid the thorns. They are exquisitely beautiful 🙂

    • Not in vases they don’t. No matter what you do, you’re not getting longer than a week.
      Two carnations from my last bouquet are coming onto their 4th week! (They were the only carnations in the bouquet. They outlasted lilies, freesia, mums.

  3. Choosing to not give facts so much, will give everything to ‘lasting’ that you say so metaphorically 🙃

  4. Lol. I am generally not a flower person, but a carnation it is.

  5. cheryl622014 Says:

    Garden pinks or carnations are the best, smell heavenly, especially old fashioned garden pinks (dianthus?) Love them, cinnamon and vanilla, every time – not yellow ones for some reason –

    • 🙂
      I love a large clump of dianthus. Our neighbour had some bordering our lot. Sadly the new owners managed to kill them. (Though they are very good a growing hay in the lawn). 😉

  6. Lori Carlson Says:

    Powerful punch at the end, Shawn! I too prefer carnations.

  7. simono1968 Says:

    Reblogged this on simono1968 and commented:
    The joy and beauty of flowers in a nutshell 🙂

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