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poem-Brittany December 27, 2015

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So small,

but her voice rings out,

bell-like and true

She holds tightly to the tune.

Iridescent cherry curves of caramel.

Beauty under pressure,

vibrating on my lap

music therapy for what ails me.



A little metaphor.  Here’s the Brittany in question:

Literally true- she keep her tuning amazingly well- I didn’t play for a month and every note was still right!  Unheard of in a harp, really.  Also, the strings are under nearly a ton of pressure, the soundboard bellies out quite dramatically. (They say a harp sounds at its most beautiful just before it explodes…)  My Brittany is cherry wood in the sound box, pillar and harmonic curve, but Baltic birch on the sound board.  She’s a very beautiful little harp.


16 Responses to “poem-Brittany”

  1. justinfenech Says:

    Sounds like an Oprhic hymn – enchanting!

  2. Kaushika Says:


  3. trentpmcd Says:

    What a lovely instrument – your harp sounds beautiful. You need to post more videos!

  4. Josh Wrenn Says:

    LOVE the sound of the harp. Great playing too.

  5. Such a gorgeous sound. Thanks for sharing!

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