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poem-ending December 2, 2015

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So many questions I’ve wondered

Who was your first love?

Why did you make this decision?

What do you wish?

What have you learned?

What do you advise?

But you have always said,

each person takes his own journey,

what you learned was for you alone,

and so you’ve kept your secrets,

and soon I will be asking questions

to the wind.


11 Responses to “poem-ending”

  1. Kat Myrman Says:

    Ha ha…I just wrote a piece about my Magic 8 Ball. I think you might need one. 🙂

  2. Chas Harold Says:

    Very nice. For every person you want answers from there is at least one wanting the same from you.

  3. Reblogged this on HOBO UNIVERCITY and commented:
    whew, they got some wild winds up there awesome though even as the leaves fall the granches are still solid.
    big G

  4. My life has followed a course that few others can understand, but it has been the best for me.

  5. skykinwrite Says:

    I very much enjoy this one.

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