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poem- pickle poetry October 13, 2015

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Your jar of pickled poems–

cheek puckering poetry,

sour smiles behind glass–

makes me laugh.




My students handed in their poetry collections today.  Among them is a jar with poems written on green pickle shaped papers.  🙂   Bethany wins cutest poetry project.  Too bad it wasn’t a contest.  (Hmm.  Maybe next year?!)


6 Responses to “poem- pickle poetry”

  1. govindnr Says:

    Hey, I have nominated your blog for One Lovely Blog Award. You are a pillar of support for all the new bloggers here with the comments, likes and radiantly active posts on this blog. I love reading the poems, shorts, regular updates on your writing life, which is inspiring and motivating for aspiring writers like myself.

    This is the nomination link, I wish you all the best for winning it:

  2. How many pickled poems did Peter Piper peruse?

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