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#Outlander poetry- Jamais etre pris vivant October 8, 2015

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Jamais être pris vivant,

for to be martyred to a great cause

is man’s greatest achievement;

a sacrifice of love,

so say the rolls of honour,

and the government never lies.

Jamais être pris vivant,

for to return from horror

is to revisit it in dreams,

to sacrifice freedom of mind

and peaceful sleep.

Jamais être pris vivant,

for the love waiting for you

will not tolerate your absence,

will battle with the darkness

will pull you into light.

Jamais être oublié vivant,

for a life embracing love

triumphs despite nightmares,

for hope defeats death.



I just finished viewing the whole 2nd half of Outlander season one today, and then flipped back to “The Watch.”  The French army toast “Never be taken alive!” seemed particularly poignant in light of Claire’s efforts to pull Jamie back from the brink, hence this poem.


5 Responses to “#Outlander poetry- Jamais etre pris vivant”

  1. hooklineandinkwell Says:

    I am not familiar with The Outlander series or Jamais être pris vivant, but this piece touched me…a great write!

    • Thanks.
      Outlander is a historical, adventure, fantasy, romance book series by Diana Gabaldon (Ph.D) which has been made into a TV series. It’s my favourite book series, and my husband and his father adore it, too!

  2. Hope defies death, and its strongest ally is love.

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