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poem-glow September 28, 2015

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You rise, a blood red orb,

taunting star-gazers as you

cover your face behind a grey blanket.


18 Responses to “poem-glow”

  1. owen-t Says:

    Hi Shawn, I believe you’re from British Columbia, am I right? Great to be able to reach so far afield from Sydney to the world. Love what you’ve done with your blog – don’t mind if I follow, making it 14,829!!!

  2. lavanya2198 Says:

    Wow lovely..
    I just went through ur other posts too..
    Dey r beautiful and so full of insight..
    Ur thoughts really inspired me..
    Will b a regular reader..
    Keep blogging 🙂

  3. jsackmom Says:

    I love it Shawn that poem describes my experience with the super lunar eclipse. 😉

  4. Happened there, too, eh?

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