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poem-two months September 25, 2015

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Two months

Sixty-one days

Sixty-one memories of your smile

Sixty-one wishes for your stories

Two mysterious photographs

Too many days

without you.




Last week a genealogist doing a one name study of Duguay found my dad’s obituary here.  After getting a bit of basic information that could connect into his database, he sent me Dad’s family line back to 1620 in Burgundy, France.  I then did a little additional research.  Dad would have been intrigued, especially to know that at 1672 we share a common ancestor with some famous people: Hillary Clinton (American politician), Tom Mulcair (Canadian politician), Anne Hébert (Canadian author and poet).


4 Responses to “poem-two months”

  1. vjearle Says:

    What a lovely tribute to your father- and interesting connections.

  2. Genealogy brings us so many fascinating connections. The days, weeks and months without a loved one’s presence are only bearable when he or she connects with us in spirit.

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