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poem- filling September 16, 2015

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“We all want to be able to be our full selves everywhere”
-Jenny Betz

If you can be you

and I can be me

and we can be we

without panic or worry

then it doesn’t matter

whom you love

whom I love

whether him or her,

it only matters that we

respect one another enough to see

that love is love

in whatever form it might be.



I was reading today about a teen who was sent home from school because her shirt proclaimed a sexuality that the school administration was uncomfortable with.  Meanwhile, at my school, we’re looking into starting a gay straight alliance group and have gender neutral washrooms.  We have under 125 high school students.  It’s easy to be kind and respectful so our kids don’t need to feel so desperate that they kill themselves when they realize their sexuality isn’t a choice.


13 Responses to “poem- filling”

  1. ramexa Says:

    Why can’t people just be nice to each other? Its incredibly easy! We should respect each other!

  2. cheryl622014 Says:

    What is wrong with just accepting that humans love humans, in our family we have bi, transgender, lesbian, hetro, and I’ve forgotten what the other one is (not gay and not trans something else) I gave up bothering years ago especially as people seem to slide from one state to another depending upon whom they fall in love. Labels become meaningless, just love the person… ok off soap box – must be the ‘flu and off work!

  3. Melody J Haislip Says:

    Jesus said, “Love God”, “Love your neighbor”. It’s really that simple.

  4. Gender is what you feel inside. I’m glad to be male, and if someone else wants to live “in the house next door”, that is no threat to me.

    • You hit on a key consideration. Threat. I suspect homophobia results from a perceived threat. It may be from those delusional guys who think they’re ‘all that’ and that everyone wants what they’ve got in their pants. It may be a sense of protection. I simply do not accept the threat!

  5. Thanks for nice poem. i believe love and respect can unleash hidden potential.

  6. pixieannie Says:


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