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poem-poeming September 6, 2015

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Here I’ll write a nice poem

a sweet poem

a gentle poem.

Here I’ll write a subtle poem

a quite poem

a funny poem.

Here I’ll write a love poem

a trust poem

a now poem

Here I’ll write a safe poem

a kind poem

a faith poem.

But there,

There I’ll write a hard poem

a sharp poem

a spinning poem.

There I’ll write a challenging poem

a forceful poem

an inflammatory poem.

There I’ll write a true poem

a so poem

a go poem.

Here and there

a growth poem

a sustenance poem

our lives poem.





When I write for the blog, I have a slightly different style than when I’m submitting to literary journals.  Tongue in cheek, I reflect the tone of their journal.  Style is a malleable thing.  Message is what’s important.  Here, I don’t take myself very seriously, but there literary style requires more gravity.  The pathos amuses me.


8 Responses to “poem-poeming”

  1. Cheryl-Lynn Says:

    I like this poem 🙂

  2. Above all, a heart poem.

  3. Zina Hermez Says:

    Love the rhythm and repetition! Different.:-)

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