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poem-drip August 29, 2015

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The little tears

that come unexpectedly

swell memories of you

into my throat and

make my eyes drip with a wish

to kiss you once more.



(just framed and hung my favourite photo of Dad and me- where I’m kissing him at my wedding)


10 Responses to “poem-drip”

  1. kgbethlehem Says:

    Very nice. Enjoyable read!

  2. Beautiful, Shawn….Happy memories

  3. murrsma Says:

    The depth of a love that yearns for one more moment…one more kiss, lives ever on..

  4. Jarrod C Says:

    Very beautiful Shawn! You have been in my thoughts. I hope you continue to heal as you deal with your loss.

  5. So hard to say goodbye, yet so sweet to remember.

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