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poem-one month August 25, 2015

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It has been



since you slipped gently from this life.

How strange

not to have kissed your cheek

for 31 days.

I still murmur that I love you

and follow your instructions

and can’t believe

you’re gone.


13 Responses to “poem-one month”

  1. Sadly– the reality of losing a loved one… especially a lover.

    • Or in this case, my father, who passed away last month.

      • I’m sorry Shawn I wish I could say it gets better. A little more numb, maybe, not necessarily better… I had a feeling earlier – for some reason – that you might need some attention this month. Of coarse my idiot man brain blamed it on the fact you are the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen… But I think God is working for you darling…. For whatever reason we have to go through death here… Love is the ticket – the love your father and you shared, that which you share with all of your family and close friends, and that which you have with all of us out here in never-never land who absolutely adore you. I’m thinking of you sweetie… God bless…

      • Thanks, John. That’s kind of you.

  2. Nerika Mari Sitchon Says:

    Reblogged this on nmsitch.

  3. This is poignantly beautiful!

  4. narble Says:

    Dads are dads forever.

  5. It is so hard, oh, Lord, to lose a loved one, and those days drag by evoking a memory here, a memory there to startle us anew. Condolences for your loss.

  6. The pain lessens, eventually, but the presence of the beloved soul in your heart, only increases with time.

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