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poem-still August 23, 2015

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You still surprise me,

After millions of words.

The enthusiasm of your greeting,

the warmth of your embrace,

still makes me thankful every day

you came into my life.


7 Responses to “poem-still”

  1. Those are the most important kind of people in our lives. Awesome poem!

  2. Bibishan Says:

    Short, simple, sweet and strong.

  3. Those words are all that the true friend ever needs.

  4. erbiage Says:

    Hi Shawn. Wonderful expression here! Gratitude is the key, I think. Can i ask you about your inspiration, and your process? Where do you get your ideas? How much rework do your poems get? Who are your favorite poets?

    Thanks so much. Eric Erb

    Sent from my iPad

    • Ideas come from all over: A random overheard comment. A TV show. Something I’ve read. Things I see. Sometimes I have no ideas, I just open the text box, and in the title space write the first thing that comes to mind, and then write something below in response to that, that I hope becomes a poem.
      Some poems get almost no re-working, they just are the moment they’re typed; others I’m constantly tinkering with, even years later. I’d say once something is published here a dozen or more subsequent edits are not uncommon.
      Favs are Mary Oliver, George Herbert, Emily Dickinson, Brian Betts, Laisha Rosnau, Gary Geddes.

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