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poem- Jenny August 17, 2015

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For Jenny’s mom



You are compressed in tender warmth:

moist heat, red tinted scintillance, the beat-beat



of her throbbing love for you.

Silver knife, slice of light;

you are enveloped by gentle hands

that ease you into a gleaming land.

In the mirror your mother’s face beams at

the astonishment in your rounded lips and wide eyes,

as life brings you its first surprise.



You are still rooted to

the mysteries of the universe,

branched from blood rich interior monologues,

God’s voice echoing truths,

but this world waits for you.

Your amazed expression reveals your first awestruck impression.

May each day be a glorious gift, for from your birth

your heart was kissed with wonder.


6 Responses to “poem- Jenny”

  1. Melody J Haislip Says:

    WOW! That made me remember my son’s birth. Amazing, Shawn. For me, this is your best Ever! Thank you.

  2. Sherry Bibb Says:

    What gorgeous work! Both yours and hers.

  3. Blessed are the wide eyes of wonder, for they shall behold all truth.

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