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poem- new August 8, 2015

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Your touch

peels off the layers

and leaves me new.





(This is a sunburn poem, but don’t tell anyone. It sounds so much more romantic if you don’t know!)


13 Responses to “poem- new”

  1. georgiakevin Says:

    Another of your poems that I enjoy reading. I hope to writing again very soon, spent the summer trying to sell insurance. I have a new teaching assignment starting Monday so will have time to write soon……………….finally. Write on my friend write on!

    • I haven’t written much besides my daily poems and papers for grad school this summer. Dad’s death deflated my energies, and all I want to do is read- escaping into someone else’s imaginary world. I’ll get there eventually, for for now, this is it.

  2. if u peel you may have a new skin but your getting a warning to get out of the sun my aunt developed skin carcinoma thang i aint talked to her in years so she might even died . good luck with all that sunsreen dont hep neither i use it to start fire in my fireplace has flame inhibitors …
    General bebo t hope : – }

    • My dad had skin cancer, too. I took him to have a malignant bit cut off a couple of months ago. He was covered. He lasted until 100 though. Burns are rare for me, I stay out of the sun!

  3. frankregan17 Says:

    And your poem makes my sunburn momentarily less painful too

  4. Oliana Says:

    Ooooo it sounds like something Grace would say 😉

  5. It’s what a loved one does.

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