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poem-dust August 6, 2015

Filed under: Poetry — Shawn L. Bird @ 11:30 am
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Small re-locations reveal borders

Dust thick upon the mantle

My dust

Your dust

Road dust

the universe converging

amidst candlesticks and glass birds

settling on the surface

of my listlessness.


10 Responses to “poem-dust”

  1. howardat58 Says:

    All knick-knack shelves should be above eye level !

  2. Dust and listlessness- symbols of imprisonment.

  3. rivrvlogr Says:

    Listless, inviting dust. I like this analogy. It may accumulate with time, but time also may be what you need, providing distractions, and perhaps a breath of fresh air to clear the cobwebs.

  4. MicheleMariePoetry Says:

    Lovely poem!

  5. Maureen Says:

    You’ve read my mind…

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