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poem-I do July 17, 2015

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Maybe so.

I love you, but

I love you,


I love you, so

I will.

Do you?

I do.





If this poem had a ‘gag reel’ it would include

I love your


(cough)  But it doesn’t.  So pretend you didn’t read that.

Happy Anniversary #30 to my long-suffering man. 🙂

Five years ago, when this blog was only a couple of months old, I posted this anniversary thought, complete with sepia toned wedding photo… 


12 Responses to “poem-I do”

  1. narble Says:

    She has freckles on her, but she is pretty…showing the importance of commas.

  2. izza ifzaal Says:

    Sweet! Happy anniversary 🙂

  3. Happy Anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. Bird!

  4. syl65 Says:

    Happy anniversary, Shawn and your long suffering man 🙂

  5. Adrian B Says:

    Happy anniversary and all the best for you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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