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poem- quiet voices July 1, 2015

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I didn’t hear you

and you slipped past

your whispers only faint murmurs on the wind

less than the burbling susurrus of the river.

I heard shrieks and giggles,

running feet and splashing laughter;

I didn’t hear you.


8 Responses to “poem- quiet voices”

  1. bfffg Says:

    Susurrus? Well, that’s the one word I learned today. Thank you. Great poem. 😉

  2. I am often not meaning to be heard, when I see that people are busy.

    • Sometimes people get into the habit of ‘not wanting to be a bother’ when they wouldn’t be one any way. Kind of makes me crazy at times, because I *always* look busy, but often don’t mind being interrupted.

  3. seanbidd Says:

    Interruptions make for a share to convergent and divergent tales, good stories and small histories.

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