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poem- air June 28, 2015

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I breathe in air so warm

the hairs in my nose sizzle,

I attempt to read, but

heat melts my resolve.

The porch swing is like a hot bath,

washing away concern and energy.

Languid summer afternoon,

Shuswap heat wave.



Fell asleep trying to read on my porch this afternoon.  When I came inside, I checked the thermometer: 43 C which is 109.4 F.  Just a tad warm!


16 Responses to “poem- air”

  1. quarksire Says:

    stay cool 😎 as alwayz … 🙂

  2. sumyanna Says:

    Glad you weren’t in the sun. You would’ve certainly changed color! That’s hot!

  3. narble Says:

    All over our Northwest. We lucked out today and, so far, no thunder-bangers.

  4. DeniseBalog Says:

    “washing away care and concern” yes, nice. Sounds better than going “back and forth” on all the things that concern us and can do nothing about! Thank you…eyeing up the porch “glider” for a dip of care and concern away!! Thanks Shawn:) blessings, denise

  5. davidprosser Says:

    I’m glad you were on the porch when you fell asleep or the next poem would be about the ouch, ouch of sunburn.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  6. Heat has risen, all over. Sprinkles, and, thankfully, few lightniing bolts thus far, in the California Sierra.

  7. seanbidd Says:

    Crisp here today, a dry cool in the South Pacific.

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