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poem- in the dung heap May 8, 2015

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Your displeasure wafts off you like

the shimmering waves of a manure pile in July.

You reject optimism and trust.

You will let no sunshine disturb your dung beetles.


16 Responses to “poem- in the dung heap”

  1. howardat58 Says:

    Delicious ! Reminds me of the eighteenth century.

  2. Neha Jain Says:

    This is wonderful!

  3. jantaiwan Says:

    Oh how you roll your misery, how you covet your putrid gems. 😉

  4. I would not want to be the person or thing you direct this poetry to! but think it marvelous hehe

    • You know what they say, “Never tick off an author. They’ll put you in their book and murder you!”
      Poetry is similar.
      This lady wasn’t mad at me, but the vision of her displeasure as visible wafts led it way to this.
      I just see things differently. 😉

  5. My wife had a good laugh when I read it to her. She said “That’s one shitty relationship.” Great poem

  6. Both displeasure and manure stink to High Heaven.

  7. Wow…. What really struck me funny was the first comment up there… “Delicious” – I’m going to say Howardat58 has a pretty good sense of humor! Sheit is a part of life, though, and definitely fodder for poets…. I think…. Refreshing in fact… Most people wade around in their Cinderella soap opera lives where ants don’t come to picnics and people never need potties… But there within is our little realist Shawn, wallowing knee deep in it – splashing around like a 5 year old in a puddle, and I assume smiling all along! Seriously though, can we change the topic now? I need to get back to my soaps…

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