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poem- reciprocity May 2, 2015

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I whisper you

You whisper me

I murmur you

You murmur me

I chortle you

You chortle me

I extrapolate you

I expostulate you

I lose you



This is my 1900th post to the blog!

It’s been a busy 5 years!


15 Responses to “poem- reciprocity”

  1. wick3deyes Says:

    Reblogged this on no rest for the wick3d.

  2. onewithclay Says:

    Great punchline–plucks a dissonant note on a heartstring.

  3. A chilling end. Like a whiff of cold wind.

  4. georgiakevin Says:

    You are a real wordsmith my friend, a poet’s poet if you will. This poem is a real work of art.

  5. Lorien Says:

    Uh huh! GO GIRL! (Doing the celebration dance.) 1900 posts is super beast. Well done!

  6. topazo Says:

    Congrats on your achievement

  7. matt Says:

    Congrats! That’s quite a milestone – I hope you keep going, I really enjoy what you create.

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