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poem-loveless April 4, 2015

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Oh, you said the words

“This one appreciates me for me!”

and I wonder what you call

that twenty-five years of steadfast devotion

that you tossed.

The weasel face beside you now

does not look like a fair trade

for the pain you caused.

You said those words once before,

if I recall, so perhaps he’ll taste the bitter tang

of your boredom someday.

In the meantime,

we really should just let you go,

and welcome the joy that’s possible

now the wounds have healed.


. prompt for Day 4- a love poem without the cliches or a break up poem.


16 Responses to “poem-loveless”

  1. Delightful read! Happy Easter Shawn!

  2. valdotain Says:

    J’utilise tes poêmes pour réapprendre mon anglais !

  3. narble Says:

    Wow. Strong. And true.

  4. Leonas Lines Says:

    The feelings show through in your poem. Nice work

  5. howardat58 Says:

    Well put, but hard to achieve !

  6. kathryneann Says:

    Sad topic for a joyous Easter Sunday. No break up is ever without pain. The truth in your poem makes it resound with anyone who has ever been betrayed. Got any happier poems, LOL?

  7. Happy Easter, Shawn! The weasel can never replace the Bird of Paradise.

  8. Letting go, because something way better will happen to you! It is never easy, but there is always a wonderful bright light for you to reach

    • This is an observation poem, not a personal one. The person described hurt someone else. I have come to see, in the years that I’ve been writing poetry over this event, how angry I was for the pain she caused by her infidelities and the lies to her children. It was my first experience understanding Parental Alienation Syndrome, where one parent systematically endeavours, over years, to break down the relationship of the children with the other parent. It might be about insecurity (if one is nice) but mostly it’s about power, and belittling someone else to feel better. While it wasn’t me or my family, it was horrible to watch, and has led to years of poetic reflection, and not a few rants (like this one). Perhaps it’s good to still be angry when I think of it, since I’m not holding anger for myself. It feels righteous when it’s on behalf of someone else, who has had to forgive in order to move on with his life…

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