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poem-dragons March 12, 2015

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You rest content

curled and snoozing

until bedtime.

Then the dragons come.

They wake you

harass you

scare you,

so you pace and tell us about it.

Dear dragons,

Go away.

We all need sleep!

Here’s a little pill,

a magic tablet,

to send you on your way.



OJ the dog is about to try some anti-anxiety meds to see if that will help him with his grief and anxiety for a few weeks, until he’s used to being the lone dog.  I can’t believe my dog is officially suffering from mental illness.  Old dog.


11 Responses to “poem-dragons”

  1. I’ve often wondered if very old dogs and cats can be afflicted with dementia or something similar. Cool post.

    • Oh, they absolutely can. My mother adopted 2 toy poodles that had been a breeding pair. They were neutered and 8 years old when she got them. The boy was very energetic, but he was also an abusive husband. A couple of years in, he would attack his wife. She could be napping, or just sitting minding her business, and he’d see a dog outside, freak out, attack her. He’d go outside to pee, then race in and attack her. He was all charm with the humans. When the vet heard all the stories, he agreed that he was suffering from dementia, and they put him down. His shy little wife, who spent most of her time hiding under furniture to avoid him, blossomed into a lovely, active, affectionate dog.

  2. When dogs dream of dragons, who chases whom?

  3. Moongazer Says:

    He’s lost a friend too 😦
    ((((hugs)))) for both of you

  4. davidprosser Says:

    I hope they’re wrong and you can teach an old dog new tricks. If he can learn to be the only dog things will change so much for the better.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  5. mpmckibbon Says:

    It is so sad when one dog dies. How can you explain that to its friend? I often wish I could speak “dog” because it breaks your heart to see them so lonely.

    • We brought home the body, and had OJ smell it so he would know, as I had read was a recommended procedure. I’m not sure if we hadn’t if he would have imagined Dusty happily playing in a farmer’s field somewhere. 😉 Well, I’m sure his cognition isn’t quite up to that.

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