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poem- offensive March 8, 2015

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I am offended by this object.

In my messy,

but perfectly coordinated, kitchen

you have filled the clear soap dispenser

with acid yellow dish detergent,

instead of clear or white

as is the aesthetic choice.

It glares at me:

caution colour

screaming incongruity.

It hurts my eyes;

it seers my sensibility.

But you are proud

of your helpfulness,

and this is your house, too.

Perhaps if I squint,

it will be invisible?



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This piece works with the theme SHARING SPACE on today’s

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13 Responses to “poem- offensive”

  1. murrsma Says:

    Oh this..yes dear squint and be happy for the intention to “help”…chuckle

    • 😉

      At least for a week or two? He didn’t seem to get the message when he declared his intention and I explained that the container was for HAND soap, not DISH soap. >sigh< Magically, this morning I find the heinous aberration on the side of the sink.

  2. Doug Says:

    No need to soft soap this soft soap trespass, show some color courage and restrict access to the scene of this crime. Cool beans.

  3. howardat58 Says:

    I get this when I want to use dish detergent for cleaning the bathroom. I suspect it only kills 99.8% of the germs !

    • 😉
      Is it a guy thing? The hand soap has lotion in it!

      DH just read this poem. (After pointing out with pride the dispenser, and asking if I’d noticed). His response was, “Well, I suppose if it really bothered a person, it could be put back into the bottle.” I’m going to try to suffer through.

  4. Hocus, pocus- Disappear!!

  5. The little compromises we make to have in a relationship. Sometimes they weigh just a little too much to abide…

  6. michnavs Says:

    it amazes me…can’t stop smiling…

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