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poem- The Light Returns February 21, 2015

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Through mourning,

the light returns

brushing softly

touching tenderly

with morning.


“The Light Returns” by Elaine Holmes
Charcoal on board 4X6 feet
From collection of J&S Bird


We just hung this large, stunning drawing in our house.  Elaine Holmes is an artist and teaching colleague from down the road.  I fell in love with the piece at an exhibition in the Salmon Arm Arts Centre called “Dark Nights” 10 artists celebrating the solstice.  We’re delighted to own it!  It just asked for its own poem.  🙂


13 Responses to “poem- The Light Returns”

  1. So beautiful…both the painting and its inspired poem.

  2. Roxie Says:

    And you gave it a beautiful one my dear. It is so beautiful, it’s like the artist and poet are one.
    Congs on getting ownership of the piece 🙂

  3. hakeem Says:

    Both the poem and the painting are beautiful. It is amazing how one piece of art leads to the creation of another. ☺

  4. Gradually, the crestfallen man will emerge from fetal position, and embrace the light.

  5. Noora Says:

    They both are absolutely stunning!!

  6. […] admiring the art on my wall again.  This poem is written about this drawing:  How thankful I am for Elaine’s skills.  The artist in me greets the artist in thee! […]

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