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poem-flames February 7, 2015

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She’s caught between the flames

of inferno and ice

Accusations of blame,

of who’s not playing nice.

She’s caught between the fury

of defeat and aggression,

For neither is sorry

and all leads to depression.

She’s caught between love

crushed between hate

a magician’s dove

that is stuffed then must wait.

She’s caught between threads

stuffed up their sleeves

’til she’s dangling her head

beneath the nearest trees.



4 Responses to “poem-flames”

  1. tamtam012013 Says:

    “She’s caught between the fury

    of defeat and aggression”

    I can relate to that so much. Beautifully written.

  2. I see so many pairs of friends, both couples and unattached pairs, who get into conflict with each other, when I love them both. The vise can get sooo tight.

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