Shawn L. Bird

Original poetry, commentary, and fiction. All copyrights reserved.

poem-weak February 2, 2015

Is it because

you can not bear your own weaknesses

that you are so angry

faced with others’ weakness?

In your fervent effort

to do what must be done,

do you not see your heart?

What are you afraid

we will see, in your weakness?

Vulnerability is beautiful.

Vulnerability expands

your universe.

Don’t be afraid

to be kind to yourself,

and kind to others.

We are all weak once

in a while.


21 Responses to “poem-weak”

  1. circusfreakandliar Says:

    Reblogged this on The Poetry Addict.

  2. narble Says:

    For some, self-compassion is very hard to learn.

  3. It mirrors the truth….all of us are in the same boat. This self-enquiry makes all the difference

  4. Lorien Says:

    Ah, the source of self-loathing…that is a chicken and an egg question–which came first? Self-loathing contrasts so sharply with love that now we know what love is. It serves its purpose for love as exhalation serves its purpose for the inhalation–making space for something greater, for movement, flow, understanding. Of course it’s frustrating when the self-loathing presents itself with no solution for shifting it into something else. And when the self-loathing of another translates into the suffering of many other beings, it becomes downright scary. The source of self-loathing? All of us. the source of love? All of us.

  5. davidprosser Says:

    Huge Hugs Shawn.

  6. This is true, I believe…We can judge how people feel about themselves by how they treat others…

  7. maria102688 Says:

    I’m going through a lost relationship and this literally made me tear up. It is so poignant and raw. I think the idea of vulnerability being beautiful is something I need to embrace. Thank you for this gem.

  8. dodgysurfer Says:

    The last five lines stand out for me.

  9. Very beautiful. I am a perfectionist and very hard on myself, so I often have to take a step back and not hold people to that same standard when it is not within their capabilities.

    • Worse when you’re a perfectionist and are mad at yourself for something beyond your capabilities.
      Or even worse, when you think you suck at something, but everyone else can tell you’re actually brilliant.

  10. Embracing weakness, as a steppingstone to strength, I wonder about critics. Are they anticipating my sandcastle’s collapse?

  11. tpa72 Says:

    So true. And you expressed it so beautifully.

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