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poem- oft December 28, 2014

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In time

oft heard

silent memories

mingle in the mist

In time

oft mentioned

mysteries dance

upon your tongue.

In time

oft discovered

dreams twist destinies

toward truth.

In time

oft wished

entwined desires

develop into twin



15 Responses to “poem- oft”

  1. brandinex Says:

    I luv it! Says so much with so few words….:D

  2. narble Says:

    Shared devastation is oft time worse than solitary devastation…in matters of the heart, at least.

  3. prospermind Says:

    Great poetry! I enjoyed reading it a lot! 🙂

  4. howardat58 Says:

    Spot on again ! This really did stir up my memory, but in a very non specific mode.

  5. Entwined desires develop into twin devestations! For real! I’ve tried to serve two masters far too often.

  6. frankregan17 Says:

    A beautiful poem Shawn

  7. Yes, indeed, be careful of those for which you wish.

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