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poem- haunted door December 19, 2014

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Oh creepy garage door,

Opening and closing by yourself at midnight

When I’ve been reading Buffy the Vampire Slayer,

That is not funny.

Thankfully I have a hero at home

who is ready to wake up and defend me

and locks.


14 Responses to “poem- haunted door”

  1. I saw a scary looking snowman today. i share your terror.

  2. Roy Southil Says:

    The timing of the opening and closing of the door adds to the suspense. Very imaginative!

  3. timthepoet Says:

    Nice one, I like the concept of a Haunted Door. I’m a bit concerned about the last line. Obviously it’s about your husband who locks up, if I’m right.

  4. ghostmmnc Says:

    I hear you about the creepy/scary feeling you get when you hear the door going up by itself. Ours used to do that, too. Took us awhile to find out one of our neighbors remotes worked on the same frequency or number setting? as ours. I think there was a 20/20 segment once on this happening, and people should change their code on the remote. We never did, and now our door is broken, anyway. Good poem about it, and glad you have your hero, and locks! 🙂

    • We think it’s a problem with the manual button that sometimes sticks in a corner, and when it get’s below zero the door will go up and down. It’s happened once before. Where we live, we can see all the car traffic, and there were no vehicles anywhere around on the silent streets when it happened last night. 😦 I would like a button on the wall that disables the door altogether, but all we can do is turn off our remote. Our door doesn’t have a programmable code, either. It’s new-fangled.

  5. kiwiskan Says:

    Glad your hero wakes up – mine tends to sleep through most things…

  6. So delighted you came by and introduced yourself at my blog! I can see we’re going to have some fun sharing ideas, writings, and inspirations. Now I’ll know at least three households in Shushwap. We’ve yet to visit, but my husband and I have some good friends with summer places rather near you, I believe. 🙂

    And I got a kick out of your mention of Buffy, a huge favorite of Richard’s and mine too. 😉

    Here’s to continuing adventures!

  7. The Man in Shining Armour will keep the poltergeist at bay!

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