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POEM- Christmas lights December 11, 2014

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Time to hang the Christmas lights.

From the shed

lights on pine swag are excavated.

From the basement

cup rings are hunted.

From the kitchen

bulb to plug converter located.

Bore the the rings above the door

Arrange the swag in elegant balance

Screw the converter into the light socket

Ready for festive glow, plug cord into socket .



No Christmas lights tonight.


24 Responses to “POEM- Christmas lights”

  1. kiwiskan Says:

    takes me back… with the old Christmas lights, if just one bulb failed, none of them would go

    • Yeah. I wondered if that was the problem with these, but when I unscrewed them a bit, they flashed. There’s something amiss, but I may have to pass the ‘fix it’ to the man. He doesn’t like to decorate, but he keenly likes to fix my problems! 😉

  2. have a great time! lovely poem.

  3. Matthias Says:

    I really enjoyed reading your poem. Why I didn’t expect the ending, I don’t know. I was just going along enjoying the poem then, what happens to most of us, no Christmas lights. I enjoyed the chuckle. Not at your expense, but because I relate to the situation.

  4. Heartafire Says:

    Hate when this happens, lovely uplifting write! Thank you Shawn.

  5. syl65 Says:

    Darn lights! Hopefully some Christmas lights soon 🙂

  6. Aw man. You set me up, Shawn!

  7. georgiakevin Says:

    This was a fun read that explores one of the frustrations of the holidays, well done again my friend.

  8. Scrooge got to the fuse box, I see.

  9. Oh yes! And the old fashioned Xmas lights where you had to check every one because one was dud. May I reblog?

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