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poem- ready December 9, 2014

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Oh, she’s ready

all right.

And you’ll be


that tone of voice

before the evening’s



15 Responses to “poem- ready”

  1. Uh Oh!! Sounds like she’s ready for a show down at the OK Corral. Cue Gary Cooper! High Noon or Midnight Throw Down!!

  2. Rose Red Says:

    I think she’s holding the reins

  3. She ALWAYS has the last word, and gets in the last licks.

  4. Caro Says:

    This is quite savvy and fun yet a vein of uh-oh all over it! Cool poem

  5. madsadyak Says:

    some one has to go first might as well be …………….
    not me!!!!!!!!!!
    just kidding

  6. vsvevg Says:

    Been there, both sides 🙂

  7. cheryl622014 Says:

    Perhaps in the same vein As my Mum would say – don’t look at me in that tone of voice young lady!

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