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poem-writers’ bed November 16, 2014

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The poetry is loud tonight,

smashing and crashing through

synapses of my neocortex,

drowning the bovine bellows

of my bedmate.

Short stories are shouting.

Poetry is proclaiming itself.

Words are wailing.

They are insistent

in the seams between sleep,

and will not quieten

until I write them down.



(This is post 1717 on the blog.  It was very loudly proclaiming itself when I tried to go to bed last night, and would not stop until I got out my little book kept beside the bed, turned on the little book light, and wrote down the essentials).  Do you have this problem, too?


28 Responses to “poem-writers’ bed”

  1. doncarroll Says:

    Great piece Shawn. Yea I’ve done that little trick too. But it’s more like straight to the computer n getting right to it…..haha.

    • In the wee hours, when one has responsibilities early the next day, getting onto the computer is not the safe option! As soon as the eyes absorb the light from the screen, all hope of sleep is lost.

      In the summer, of course, I write all night, and by 4 a.m. all the voices have had their say. During the school year, they feel neglected, since I haven’t been able to give them free reign.

      • doncarroll Says:

        I see your point especially w teaching. When I get that idea its just flat out wide awake. It was like that more early on in the game cause it was so compulsive knowing it was a direction I wanted to lean on. Sometimes I’d just be wake all night till the next morning n can tell ya I’d pay for workin in them freezers. The eyes would be just a burn in.

      • Real life is so unforgiving of our muses!

  2. jensenempire2551 Says:

    Words to Sleep….

    A song of words,
    magical written
    silent heard,
    poetry driven.

    Humanly animalistic
    honestly written,
    those true within
    the agnostic.
    Found throughout
    those purring baby kittens.

    As words fall,
    on paper,
    leaving them bright.
    Vanishing lost
    from those hidden
    deep of sight
    of our creative minds.

    As i lay me down
    too sleep,
    words floating
    to the surface
    hidden within the deep….

  3. Catnip Says:

    I have this feeling 24/7.

  4. Yes. I always keep a notebook or journal beside me. Those Muses are quite loud and won’t let me sleep until write down their words.

  5. frankregan17 Says:

    It’s not so much the having to get up and write down a poem or story that bothers me Shawn. It is still not being able to settle afterwards and having to turn the light back on and make amendments and adjustments.
    The damn wraiths don’t let me rest until they have had their say.

  6. Your verses are no doubt magical, in that blessed hour. Thank God for book lights.

  7. narble Says:

    Y’know. That’s when life is really good.

  8. Rekha Says:

    same here!

  9. harsh211 Says:

    Ya I too have this problem

  10. Jem Croucher Says:

    Most certainly. My ideas book is with me always as I never can tell when something will come that just has to be written down. As you say – sometimes this can be at the most inopportune times!

  11. Rajagopal Says:

    Gem like versing and imagery depicting pangs and excitement of the creative process…Shawn, may I also add I am reading and responding to your poem as I am watching a ripping football match in the Indian super league between my home team (Kerala Blasters) and Chennain FC and my home team is leading by two super goals as at half time…so u can well imagine the beauty of your lines to hold my interest while still watching the match….best wishes…Raj .

  12. antara5947 Says:

    I have this problem too. 😛 But I’m a deep sleeper and awfully lazy and i usually fall asleep…which I regret once I’m up in the morning 😐
    but once I remember, I was half asleep and these words just came to me and they knocked and knocked and knocked i forced myself to grab a pen and paper. jotted ’em down.. in the morning i woke up to two bitter badly written(handwriting wise) lines. Nevertheless, was happy 😀

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