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poem-colour October 29, 2014

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“I appreciate

how you’re always

so colourful,” my colleague said,

echoing words I’ve heard before

from people I admire.

Sometimes I feel

like a rainbow

in a gray scale world.

Or the one colourized character

in a black and white film.

Someone has

brighten dreary days,

and add vividness to boring views.

It could be you,

but it’s me.




21 Responses to “poem-colour”

  1. bluerock / debrazone Says:

    Conversely, sometimes I feel like a grey scale in a rainbow world. It comes and goes. But thank you for the brilliant image of you!

    • As you can see from my photos (and there are more on the Media page) my hair is vividly bright. Most people in my school wear safe, traditional dark tones to teach. Meanwhile, if I’m wearing something like a plain black skirt, I have whacky shoes or vivid stockings (frequently striped) to go with it. If I’m all in neutrals, I’m either sick or grumpy. 😉

  2. rihaansh Says:

    loved the poem and your spirits.

  3. You are a revelation: Colour belongs in everyone’s life.

  4. oaplascencia Says:

    The world needs colorful personalities like yourself to balance off all us dreary monotones. Especially the Teaching World.

    • I hear I’m lucky to be in a district where the officials don’t care that I have a nose piercing and dye my hair unorthodox colours. I was told in many (most?) places in the US that would get me fired, which is a shame, because it helps kids connect to me, and I think it makes a difference in their learning.

      • oaplascencia Says:

        Absolutely agree with you. I remember connecting and engaging more in my vlasses where the teacher was a) female, b) quirky, casual, non-traditional and c) open and accepting of all points of views within the classroom.

      • There you are.

        Today I suggested to my class that I might need to put them in a seating plan. They erupted and one said, “But you can’t! You’re the FUN ONE!” I thought that was pretty funny. And of course, the idea of having a seating plan, was enough to get them settled and on task. 😉

      • oaplascencia Says:

        LOL. Gotta give them something you can take away if ever they need to behave.

  5. beautifully said Shawn, when we love something in someone we can be that! if not then God wanted us to be something else 🙂

  6. importededition Says:

    Your poem is beautiful :’)

  7. michnavs Says:

    Beautifully written. ..very colorful as well…keep it up..

  8. simonfalk28 Says:

    “Sometimes I feel
    like a rainbow
    in a gray scale world.”

    Great stuff!

  9. Three cheers to you for being a rainbow! 🙂

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