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poem- former lovers October 20, 2014

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They speak of gifts

from former lovers:


or black eyes,


or babies.

They carry

former intimacies:

horrors and tragedies

traumas and ecstasies.

I have no

former lover,

I  carry only

years with you;

no horrors mar our history,

just monogamous longevity–

our effort at ontogeny.



(Definition of ontogeny here) 😉


17 Responses to “poem- former lovers”

  1. keelymyles Says:

    Lucky you… ❤

  2. Dai Verse Says:

    Nice sentiment Shawn & I thought I was the only one with no previous relationship experience ;-). Must admit I had to look up the definition of “ontogeny”. But hey – that’s another word I can add to my limited vocab’ – not sure when I’m going to be able to drop it into a conversation though…

  3. This is true. Just when you enter a new relationship and think you’ve unpacked baggage from all the previous a new suitcase appears. I Congratulate you and your husband on your ability to sustain a monogamous relationship. Very few of my friends who married in their 20s are still married now that we are all in our 50s. I chose not to marry. Relationships require work and effort to maintain. I guess that’s why I enjoy being Single. Living with another person drives me crazy. Been there. Done that. Prefer my cats.

    • I suppose it depends on mutual flexibility and compatibility.
      The earlier you start, the easier it is to bend your life habits to fit into someone else’s world. The longer you are on your own, the more difficult it seems to be to accept the foibles of someone else.

  4. howardat58 Says:

    You reached me with this one, damn it !

  5. narble Says:

    Marvelous use of the word ontogeny. I have doffed my cap and bowed low. 🙂

  6. Reblogged this on hidden words of truth and commented:
    The pain of loss in looking back. .. the hope of eternal love in looking forward.

  7. P Moorman Says:

    So much said in so few words. Beautiful.

  8. Sherry Bibb Says:

    Beautiful. Nice to see someone else proving that happily married is not an oxymoron. Blessings to you!

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