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poem-cool October 14, 2014

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Oh, back row,

You’re so cool.

Won’t do your school work.

Hang out at the smoke pit.

Drunk all weekend.




The front row

gets its work done,

laughs with friends,

finds healthy fun.

They will graduate,

get into college

and employ you

at minimum wage.

It’s never cool

to peak in

high school.


20 Responses to “poem-cool”

  1. Bam! Boom!! Gets straight to the point. Love it! When I first read your poem I was reminded of a similar poem by Gwendolyn Brooks whom I had the opportunity to meet and be pen pals with many years ago. Ms. Brooks was a down to earth, sweet, kind wonderful woman.

  2. Rajiv Says:

    I graduated from back to front row just in time

  3. Go girl! I love it, bravo!

  4. FeedTheFeesh Says:

    Nailed it. I was always a front row nerd. I use the term nerd in the most endearing way possible. 🙂

  5. howardat58 Says:

    Some of the front row, anyway. Some will be part of the vast university dropout group, some will study subjects will zero job opportunities, and some will get Ph.D’s and join the miserable band of adjunct professors, hoping for tenure before they reach retirement.
    Oh, if it was that simple !
    (maybe it’s better in Canada)

  6. Lorien Says:

    Yeah, I was one of those front row nerds. Of course, I really loved and admired and appreciated my teachers…and I still do. I’m grateful I had two parents who instilled in me a love for learning, and who told me time and time again that it’s okay to not be cool.

  7. prior Says:

    um, can I say cool poem? ha! and I was just onMartha Kennedy’s blog and she was at the post office in CO and I guess there is a mother phrase for cool… it is “¡Que suave!”
    have a nice day dear poet!

  8. Love it. What you share here is very profound…TRUTH.

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