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poem- rumbling October 7, 2014

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She arrives home exhausted.

“Ooh,” he says, nose curled.

“Those pants are terrible.”

She stares at him, deposits groceries on the counter,

heads down the hall,

and collapses into bed, too tired

to discuss appropriate comments,

respect, and positive encouragement.

She sleeps.

Hours later, she awakens, hungry,

makes some toast.

He comes upstairs.  “The kid is out,” he says,

heading to the bedroom.

Ah, she thinks.  That’s code for ‘Apology sex.’

Wise of him.

She bathes, listening to him preparing

in the other bathroom.

She climbs into bed,

to find him snoring.

She wishes she had eaten beans,


and cabbage for dinner.

She ponders delivering a two footed

kick to his backside, propelling him out of bed,

and into the wall.

(An easy task, since now she probably outweighs him).

Instead, she rolls over,

and sleeps.


27 Responses to “poem- rumbling”

  1. Exhaustion… I’ve had days like this.

  2. redgladiola Says:

    I’d give him a light kicking. =)

  3. narble Says:

    Ah, life…sometimes the magic works and sometimes it does not. When it does not, humor is the path of least insistence.

  4. georgiakevin Says:

    Your poem quickly brings your readers in to it. It brings empathy to your reader feeling the frustrations your subject feels. Well done!

  5. BookOfBokeh Says:

    This is a very well done poem. Below the humor there is avery deep well of sadness and desperation. Well done.

  6. skykinwrite Says:

    Funny, especially the beans, but it also sounds like quite a distance between the people. Interesting story.

  7. joshuadragon Says:

    Still, love is in the air… 😉

  8. jensenempire2551 Says:

    Great piece Mrs Bird, did i get it right….

    The look on your face must have been priceless……

  9. promises, promises : )

  10. The big kid was out.

  11. Lorien Says:

    Isn’t marriage wonderful?

  12. davidprosser Says:

    Wow, savage retribution, beans, cauliflower and cabbage. Gas masks at dawn.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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