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poem-soul rain September 18, 2014

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It’s grey and misty out

like our future

Vote yes?

Vote no?

Rain on our





(This is actually about the BC Teachers’ ratification vote, but since Scotland is also in the midst of its independence vote, I dedicate it to the Scots as well!)


8 Responses to “poem-soul rain”

  1. Marcus Case Says:

    Thank you, from Scotland!

  2. Stephy83 Says:

    Great Post…again!
    I’ve nominated you to do the #Liebster – please see my blog for further details.x x

  3. I pray for a good result for you, all teachers, students & parents. Taking a quick glance at this morning’s New York Times Online Scotland voted No and is still part of Great Britain’s Union.

  4. 3skay Says:

    A cry of depth loud enough to inspire multiple causes

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