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poem-crow on a hot tin roof August 21, 2014

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There’s a crow

on the hot tin roof

of our shed,

tap dancing

and glancing around

the yard

in search of applause.

The dogs catch his eye

but turn away,

well acquainted

with the vain ways

of crows.


28 Responses to “poem-crow on a hot tin roof”

  1. Rich Proctor Says:

    And they are vain, aren’t they?!

  2. Love this! Great job.

  3. redgladiola Says:

    Love this! Poor crow just wants an appreciative audience. =)

  4. If dancing crow’s name is Hekyll he should find a friend named Jekyll so they could tell jokes in between dance routines!! Wait Heckle & Jeckle are Magpies but the two species kind of look alike!! Here come the the House-wreckers!!

    One of my favorite paintings featuring a Magpie is: The Tame Magpie
    Alessandro Magnasco
    (Italian, Genoa 1667–1749 Genoa)

    Of course I Love “Quoth the Raven, Nevermore!!”

    Okay I seem to be getting a bit carried away by our avian earth dwellers! LOL!!!

  5. Mark Says:

    Looking for attention, that is what they do! Very well done, and I love that the dog is smart enough to know all about the crow. As soon as I saw the title, I immediately thought of a poem I recently wrote called ‘A Duck on a Hot Asphalt Lake” > My humorous take on A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

  6. M.C. Scripturus Says:

    Intriguing poem. That is the problem with genius though, it needs an audience.
    Also, in my opinion, any crow that can tap dance deserves appreciation, lol! 🙂

  7. Leroy Says:

    wow that painted a picture! nice one!

  8. cheryl622014 Says:

    Lovely! I can think of a few crows – including myself at times!!! How embarrassing! But still funny!

  9. Imani Says:

    So minimal. Yet, it means so much at the same time. Great poem.

  10. howardat58 Says:

    Very neat! I listened to myself reading it several times, and then the rhythm appeared like magic.

    • That’s not a very long list!

      • Probably because some birds are getting ready to fly south for the winter. On the other hand I don’t know much about birds only that I don’t want them to bomb me with their “little gifts.” We have Canadian Geese (in areas near the Wildlife Refuge), Seagulls, the hardy NYC pigeons, robins, blue-jays, hawks, sparrows, and most likely more than I don’t know by name.

      • We have a lot of birds around, since I live on a lake in the middle of nowhere (well- in a town on a lake in the middle of nowhere- check out Salmon Arm, BC on Google maps).

        This year my honeysuckle bush was loaded with the tiniest hummingbirds I’ve ever seen. They were little grey/brown things, their entire body no bigger than the end of my thumb. 6 or 7 humming in the bush. I think they were fledgling Costa’s Hummingbirds, but I don’t know for certain.

      • Cool. I’d love to see some hummingbirds. Occasionally Woody Woodpecker also comes to visit the Big Apple from time to time.

      • We see the big (2′) pileated woodpeckers now and then (big ones that look like Woody) and frequently see Northern flickers (same family, I believe) which are about a 10″ and yellow/white/black. They fly in a strange dipping flight pattern.

        Americans are generally impressed that Bald eagles are normal around here, sometimes many in the same tree, like during salmon spawning time.

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